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comment on the entry with the item you want, your email, and/or how much you are offering for it (if it is an auction). Please note that shipping prices are not included in the prices given.

I can hold items upon request for 3 days. After that, it'll be open for others to buy/bid, unless you email me or comment asking to extend the period.

No refunds, sorry. All sales are final. If items are lost or damaged in the mail, I am not held responsible for it. Instead, take your complaints to UPS. However, if there is anything about the product that you are dissatisfied with, you may email me to discuss a POSSIBLE exchange or some other sort of compromise.

Shipping rates:
I am willing to ship anywhere in the world, but I need to receive your payment first. In order for me to calculate your shipping fees, I will need your ZIP/postal code, which can be emailed to me. I will reply with the priority and the first class mail rates from USPS (or, if the buyer requests it, rates from UPS as well).

Shipping times:
As I live farther away from USPS, items will be USUALLY be shipped out on Saturday; the buyer may request using UPS for immediate shipping, but will have to pay extra fees for their services.

Accepted payment methods:
concealed cash (USD & at your own risk) would be preferred~ Checks are also fine, but the requested item will NOT be shipped out until the check is cashed in. Paypal is also okay, but you will be charged extra for Paypal fees. And maybe a little bit more, IF the money is not retrieved from your current Paypal balance and instead from your credit card.

email matrissmana(at symbol)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions!~



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